DSE 升學新路向 3+1 自由選擇

DSE 升學新路向 3+1 自由選擇


Due to the intense competition of Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) and the limited quotas of bachelor’s degree of local universities, many HKDSE candidates fail to entry the local university but also they may not be ready to study overseas. HKDSE graduates could choose the Non-local Higher & Professional Education Registered Courses of the Hong Kong Education Bureau. Upper Iowa University Hong Kong Campus offers bachelor’s degree programs including four majors. Students could study 3 years in Hong Kong, then, they can choose to be an exchange student of 1 year studying in the main campus of US or plan to study the remaining courses in Hong Kong. Therefore, students can obtain a bachelor’s degree in four years. After graduation, students can continue their studies at local or overseas universities in master’s degree program.

在港修讀美國學位 學歷獲國際認可

美國上愛荷華大學香港分校為有一百五多年歷史的美國上愛荷華大學(Upper Iowa University, 簡稱UIU)於香港開辦的分校,直屬美國總校,因此,課程內容及教學模式100%經由美國評審,院校亦會輪流分派總校的教授來港授課,讓同學體驗與美國總校相同的教學模式,學歷等同於在美國本部親身上課,畢業證書由美國總校頒發,學歷等同國際的資歷水平。

UIU 的學士學位課程共有4個不同的主修科目,包括心理學、市場學、管理學及財務管理學;課程內學生可修讀40個科目總共120個學分,中七畢業生或持文憑、副學士、學士等人士更可獲學分豁免,最高可獲豁免7成學分,最快可於2年內取得學士學位。

Earn your Accredited American Degree in Hong Kong

Upper Iowa University Hong Kong Campus is fully owned by Upper Iowa University, founded in 1857. All the curriculums and teaching faculty qualifications of UIU programs offered in Hong Kong Campus are straightly monitored by UIU main campus, academic qualifications and accreditations of Hong Kong graduates are the same as those of in the United States.

UIU Hong Kong Campus organizes the Bachelor of Science Program and offers 4 majors, including Psychology, Marketing, Management and Financial Management; the total credits that you need to achieve for finish a bachelor degree is 120 credit hours – 40 modules. Students can apply for credit exemption from the previous studies such as HKALE, diploma, associate degree or bachelor degree. Students can achieve up to 70% of the credit hours, and finish the Bachelor’s Degree within 2 years.


學士學位課程 (4-Year Bachelor’s Degree Program) 120學分共40科


副學士學位課程 (2-Year Associate Degree Program) 60學分共20科 60 credits 20 modules

  1. Associate of Arts Degree in General Business 副學士課程 (商科主修) (Reg. no.: 261565)
  2. Associate of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts 副學士課程 (文科主修) (Reg. no.: 261565)

飛躍計劃基礎課程 (Fly High Foundation Program)

  1. 適合HKDSE未有5科合格的畢業生修讀

    HKDSE graduates without 5 passes OR Qualification from other equivalent programs locally or overseas will also be accepted