Intake Reminder

Term 4
101st Intake

Term 5
102nd Intake

Term 6
103rd Intake

Public Holidays

1-Jan, 17 (Sun)
The First Day of January
28-Jan, 17 (Sat)
Lunar New Year’s Day
29-Jan, 17 (Sun)
The second day of Lunar New Year
30-Jan, 17 (Mon)
The third day of Lunar New Year
4-Apr, 17 (Tue)
Ching Ming Festival
14-Apr, 17 (Fri)
Good Friday
15-Apr, 17 (Sat)
The day following Good Friday
16-Apr, 17 (Sun)
17-Apr, 17 (Mon)
Easter Monday
01-May, 17 (Mon)
Labour Day
3-May, 17 (Wed)
The Birthday of the Buddha
30-May, 17 (Tue)
Tuen Ng Festival
1-Jul, 17 (Sat)
HKSAR Establishment Day

Centre Closed at 2pm

27-Jan, 17 (Fri)
Lunar New Year’s Eve
22-May, 17 (Mon)
Presidential Reception

Centre Closed

23-May, 17 (Tue)
Graduation Ceremony