Tuition Fee

Master of Business Administration

(online distance learning)

Total tuition fee HKD 105,000  (Installment payment HKD 35,000(1st – 3rd))



Bachelor Degree

Total tuition fee HKD 212,000  (Installment payment HKD 15,000(1st – 14th); HK$2000(15th))

-Student with credit exemptions  (UIU will conduct a free credit exemption review for the students.

Tuition fee after credit exemption, HKD 5,300 per module)



Associate Degree Program

HKD 106,000 (Installment payment HKD 15,000(1st – 7th); HKD 1,000(8th))



Financial Assistance

There are situations in which students wish to apply for loan as their financial aid. Our UIU program is registered course as Non- local higher and professional courses at Education Bureau of HKSAR. Students are eligible to apply for Non-means-tested loans under the Extended Non-means-tested Loan Scheme (ENLS) administered by the Student Financial Assistance Agency.


How to Apply the Extended Non-means-tested Loan Scheme

The ENLS application forms and other related documents can be downloaded from the Office’s Homepage at