USA - HONG KONG Student Exchange Program

Application For Studying in Fayette,Iowa,U.S.A


Are you ready to study aborad?

The desire for American culture, the face of the western cowboy cheerleaders, American football players and so on the United States unique vision, so many people eager to study abroad. For UIU local students, this is not a distant dream, because they can also exchange students through the plan, a taste of foreign experience.

At present, as long as our students, we can choose to our United States Iowa State University to complete the last two semesters and participate in the graduation ceremony, most of the cost is sponsored by the main school.


Iowa (Iowa), one of the 50 federal states in the United States, located in the Great Plains of the northern and northern parts of the country. In the late 20th century, Iowa was transition from an agricultural economy to a diversified economy. Senior manufacturing, finance and insurance, biotechnology and green energy products, Iowa was listed as one of the safest states in the United States.

Accommodation arrangements

Living in school dorms is the best way to communicate with other students, especially for college students, can be more easily integrated into campus life. So students will arrange a full period of stay in the school dormitory, dormitory men and women with a layer of two rooms. There is also free internet, TV and laundry service in the room. There are public areas in the school dormitory, such as the kitchen and dining area. In the public area, you can meet with other roommates. The kitchen is equipped with all the major electrical appliances, such as refrigerators, ovens, kettles and so on.

Campus food is a great part of your campus life, our goal is to make our students dining the best, easy, high quality, nutritious food costs already include a total of 19 meals per week (3 meals a weekday And 2 meals on Sunday).

Who is eligible?

Student Exchange is open to all domestic and mature students from our UIU-HK students interested in attending UIU-Fayette for one semester or one year. To be considered for the Exchange Program, you must:

1.Be enrolled in a Bachelor degree at UIU-HK.
2.Have at least 2.0 GPA or above across all your UIU papers.
3.Expect to complete one year(24 credits) of study at UIU prior to departing on exchange.
You can apply for the exchange before you’ve met this requirement.
4.Return to UIU-HK to complete your degree.

Accommodations & Meals: USD$8,004per year*
*Room charges may vary depending on student selection

Commencement Ceremony:

Exchange students can participate in the formal commencement ceremony in Fayette , Iowa in May.

Study mode:

Students will arrange for 6 to 9 credits per semester to take the HKDSE graduates as an example. Students will complete 90 credits (approximately 2 years) in Hong Kong and the remaining 30 credits and graduation will be completed in the United States (approximately 1 year).